All About Braemar Hill Nursery School

The BHNS Story

When the idea first came about in the '70s of establishing BHNS, a small and intimate pre-nursery school was envisioned. We hoped to combine the best of eastern and western education ideologies so that young minds could develop global mindsets from an early age. With a passion for education and a love for children, we were excited about creating a cross-cultural early years learning model.

Our aim was to inspire our young children via a creative, motivational, educational and caring experience so that they could establish a set of proper core values to carry with them beyond school into the rest of their lives. We conceived of a comprehensive curriculum supported by a nurturing environment. We also aspired to create a school that encouraged and evoked the natural desire of children to explore and learn.

In January 1979, BHNS was launched and we couldn't have dreamed that we would grow to where we are today.

With God's grace and divine guidance, working in the field of early childhood education is a true privilege that we cherish in our daily lives. Life is precious, and we undertake with honour, humility and joy our mission to lay the solid groundwork for each student's future. BHNS extends our sincere thanks to all of our parents for the trust they have bestowed upon us to educate their children, and embraces them for being a part of our past, present and future.

...BHNS is unique in offering a superb curriculum that nurtures biliteracy and trilingualism with balanced whole-person development in preschool children."


Virginia Yip

Professor & Director, Childhood Bilingualism Research Centre
Chinese University of Hong Kong