The BHNS Experience

We develop crucial relationships and respectful partnerships with our parents to help your family. Braemar Hill Nursery School is not only an education; it is a unique experience that builds lasting memories.

...It is a disciplined school system yet it is caring and also flexible towards each individual student's needs and goals. It is a fine balance and I think BHNS is both down to earth yet strives to be the best it can be in the international arena.”

Mrs. Nikki Fong

- Provided a solid educational foundation for my children
- Made early learning fun and enjoyable
- Implemented and stressed the importance of family values
- Provided an important platform to be a good Christian”

Mr. Jerome Leung

...I immediately think of the loving and caring environment, and how, due to the small teacher-student ratio, each student gets a lot of attention and focus.

I think of the excellent resources and teaching quality. Teachers are of a global mind and of high quality. The teaching materials keep up with the modern world.

The environment is cosy, warm, and relationships are personal and close.

BHNS has become a part of our family life.”

Mrs. Jacqueline Sun

...I really do feel like my children and I are part of “The BHNS Family.”

Mrs. Annie Ting